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18/07/2015 - Important Announcement
- His Highness Duke Tomasz Białek (former Prime Minister) has been appointed as Regent of the Kingdom of Enclava (Tomasz I). His Majesty King Enclav I due to personal affairs will be temporarily absent.
- Count Philippe de MARTHE (former Head of the Diplomatic Mission) has been appointed as Prime Minister.
- Lord Marek Jarocki has been appointed as Minister of Administration.
- Lord Michał Gonera has been appointed as Minister of Economy.
We are hoping that these changes will speed up things and give more power to key people in our organization.
01/07/2015 - Boleslawianie Rzadza Nowym Panstwem

16/06/2015 - Królestwo Enklawy. O obywatelstwo nowego „państwa” ubiega się 10 tys. osób (An interview in Polish radio RDC) [Polskie Radio RDC - Polish radio]
16/06/2015 - Lord Zou Laihui (Minister of Foreign Affairs) has been interviewed by 3rd largest Chinese TV company - Phoenix Satellite Television [Phoenix Satellite Television - Chinese Television]
14/06/2015 - Polacy stworzyli nowe panstwo na balkanach Krolestwo Enklawy [ - The largest Polish web portal]
14/06/2015 - Polacy stworzyli nowe państwo (An interview in TVP) [Telewizja Polska (Polish national television)]
14/06/2015 - Polska kolonialną potęgą! (An interview in TVN) [Dzień Dobry TVN (Polish private television]
12/06/2015 - RTÉ 2fm Radio Interview [RTÉ 2fm]
Chris and Ciara, formerly titled Bottom of the Barrel, is an Irish radio show on RTÉ 2fm hosted by Chris Greene and Ciara King. Previous guests have included the former Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Enclava - Lord Zach Ferrigno (0:21:50) [Listen on-line]
10/06/2015 Important Announcement
Due to accumulation of everyday life matters and lack of free time so needed for the advancement of the Kingdom of Enclava, with great sadness the following resignations were signed:
- Lady Annemarijn Tamminga resigned from her post as Prime Minister.
- Lord Zach Ferrigno resigned from his post as Minister of Finance.
- Lord Jared Beymert resigned from his post as Minister of Infrastructure & Development.
We thank them for their support and help and we wish them every success in their future endeavours. Thank you!

To ensure uninterrupted and continuous work of the government, we have appointed:
- Lord Tomasz Białek (former Minister of Innovation & Information Technology) as Prime Minister.
- Lord Piotr Wawrzynkiewicz (Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs) as Minister of Finance.
Until the announcement of the supplementary election, both the Minister of Innovation & Information Technology and Minister of Infrastructure & Development offices will be temporarily split between Lord Zou Laihui and Lord Piotr Wawrzynkiewicz.

08/06/2015 - Our official anthem: "Let's Celebrate" by Terry Moran.
08/06/2015 Head of Diplomatic Mission
We have appointed Lord Philippe De Marthe as our Head of Diplomatic Mission.
08/06/2015 - Mikronacje i Mikropaństwa - Polacy założyli własne królestwo [Newsweek Polska]
08/06/2015 - War Europe averted newly formed micro states strike deal divide territory Balkans tried claim [The Daily Mail - British Tabloid Newspaper]

04/06/2015 Enclavian-Celestinian Brotherhood

Dear Friends,
In order to cultivate and promote Polish-Hungarian friendship, and to ensure the continued development of our kingdom, we have reach an agreement with representatives of the Principality of Celestinia, under which we will support and help each other.
We are friends sharing same ideas and land - Love, Peace and Harmony!
The Principality of Celestinia
The Principality of Celestinia on Facebook

30/05/2015 - Kingdom of Enclava: new micro-nation settles for spot on Croat-Serb border [The Guardian - British Daily Newspaper]
30/05/2015 - Dünyanın en küçük savaşı! [Habertürk - Turkish Newspaper]
30/05/2015 - Will there be WAR in Europe? Newly-formed micro 'state' of Enclava ups sticks and moves 200 miles away [The Daily Mail - British Tabloid Newspaper]
30/05/2015 - Enclava, Molossia, Liberland ... Micro nations multiply [RT (TV network)]

27/05/2015 - The Sun: For Tiny is the Kingdom (of Enclava) [The Sun - Daily Tabloid Newspaper in the UK & Ireland]
27/05/2015 - Ozemlje Kraljevine Enclave je slovensko, ne nikogaršnje [Radiotelevizija Slovenija - Radio-Television of Slovenia]
27/05/2015 - ‘Kingdom of Enclava’ moves to new home on Croatian-Serbian border [The Japan Times]
27/05/2015 - Chinese Adopted as Official Language by New Micronation in Central Europe [Yibada - Chinese News Portal]
27/05/2015 - Le «royaume d'Enclava» déménage [20 Minuten - German-language Free Daily Newspaper in Switzerland]
27/05/2015 - Enclava, la nación autoproclamada más joven, se (...) [Provincia - Mexican News Portal]
27/05/2015 - Micro-nation to settle on new land [3 News Television from New Zealand]
27/05/2015 - Ljubljana revendique la souveraineté sur le "royaume d'Enclava" [L'Hebdo - Weekly Magazine from Switzerland]
27/05/2015 - ENCLAVA JE SLOVENSKA! 'Kraljevina Enclava 'seli' na granicu sa Srbijom' []
23/05/2015 Important Announcement
Dear Friends,
as may you read, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the Terra Nullius claimed by the Kingdom of Enclava at strip of land at the Croatia–Slovenia border near the Slovenian village of Brezovica pri Metliki is in fact part of Slovenia and that the determination of land borders between Slovenia and Croatian will take place in the court of arbitration. The area near the Slovenian village of Brezovica, 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of Zagreb is not "no-man's land" as we were told by locals.

Because we respect the independence of other countries, their boundaries and international law, we cease all activities related to the establishment of the new state at strip of land at the Croatia–Slovenia border near the Slovenian village of Brezovica pri Metliki.

To ensure the continued development of the Kingdom of Enclava, we have claimed the second of the largest unclaimed land portions along the Danube river (Pocket 1) near the Free Republic of Liberland. We would like to thank you all for your help, support and kind words.

Enclav I
King of Enclava

21/05/2015 - 'Kingdom of Enclava' part of Slovenia, Ljubljana says [Yahoo! News]
20/05/2015 - Na granicy Chorwacji i Słowenii grupa Polaków założyła nowe państwo [Largest News Site in Poland]
20/05/2015 - Další stát na chorvatských hranicích: polští turisté si založili Království Enklávy [Czech News Site]
20/05/2015 - Liberland’dan sonra Avrupa’da bir ‘devlet’ daha kuruldu: Enclava Krallığı [Turkish News Site]
20/05/2015 - New micronation of Enclava adopts Chinese as an official language [Chinese News Site]
20/05/2015 - Enclava, un nuovo microstato indipendente in Europa [Italian Travel Blog ]
20/05/2015 - 苦孩子兰芳共和国 [Phoenix Satellite Television - Chinese Television]
20/05/2015 - Polští turisté založili na slovinsko-chorvatském pomezí mikrostát [Magazín ČeskéNoviny - News Site from Czech Republic]
20/05/2015 - New Mini country in the World, Who Attracted Live Here? [CNN Indonesia]
19/05/2015 - 欧洲现微型新“国家” 面积92.9平方米(图) [China National Radio]
19/05/2015 - «إنكلافا» أصغر وأحدث دولة في العالم [News Site from United Arab Emirates]
19/05/2015 - 'Mikro ülke' zincirinin son halkası: Enclava Krallığı [Sputnik - Russian News Agency]
19/05/2015 - Avoid the headache of micronations [The Times of India (TOI) - English-Language Daily Newspaper from India]
19/05/2015 - Enclava, una “nueva nación” autoproclamada en Europa [MDZ Online - Newspaper From Argentina]
19/05/2015 - Reino de Enclava: Nace una ‘nueva nación’ autoproclamada en Europa [El Ciudadano (Chile) - Chilean Newspaper]
19/05/2015 - Na Balkáně vznikl další stát, má vlastní vládu i krále! [TV Nova - Czech Commercial Television]
18/05/2015 - Introducing the world's newest country: The Kingdom of Enclava joins micronations around the globe fighting for recognition [The Daily Mail - British Newspaper]
18/05/2015 - El Reino de Enclava, la última 'micronación' que ha emergido en Europa [El Confidencial - Spanish Newspaper]
18/05/2015 - Nace Enclava, una nueva nación dentro de Europa [La Gaceta de los Negocios - Spanish Newspaper]
18/05/2015 - Raj na zemi? V tejto krajine občania nemusia platiť dane [Slovakian News Site]
18/05/2015 - Le Journal du Web : comment Internet favorise l'émergence de nouveaux micro-Etats [Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF)]
18/05/2015 - Welcome to the world's newest country – the Kingdom of Enclava [New Zealand Tabloid News Website]
18/05/2015 - 数名波兰人在无主地“建国” 官方语言有中文(图) [Phoenix Hong Kong Channel]
18/05/2015 - বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে নবীন ও ছোট দেশ এনক্লাভায় স্বাগতম! [Bangladeshi News Site]
18/05/2015 - Negara baru merdeka Enclava wilayahnya tak sampai 100 meter persegi [ - Indonesian News Site]
18/05/2015 - 欧洲现微型新“国家”面积92.9平方米 [ - Indonesian News Site]
18/05/2015 - 波兰人建100平米“迷你国” 官方语言含中文 [Chinese News Site]
18/05/2015 - 波兰人建100平米"迷你国" 官方语言竟有中文 [China News Service]
18/05/2015 - Des Polonais revendiquent la création d'un micro-Etat en ex-Yougoslavie [Le Nouvel Observateur - French newsmagazine]
18/05/2015 - 波兰人在93平方米土地上建国 [Guangming - Daily Newspaper]
18/05/2015 - 'Kingdom of Enclava' – 100 sqm of Brand New Micronation [Sputnik - Russian News Agency">]
17/05/2015 Important Announcement
We have been informed about people who sell Enclavian visas. We do not issue documents allowing to cross borders. At the moment, the Enclavian citizenship does not allow for opening bank accounts or travelling around the world and we can not physically accommodate you in Enclava. Our citizenship only confirms the fact that Mr. X or Mrs. y is an Enclavian citizen but it does not allow for travelling or permanent residence within the European Union borders. To be able to travel freely around the world, Enclava must first obtain an international recognition. If you have been contacted by someone who says he is the representative of Enclava and he wants to sell you a visa, it is a fraud and please report it to Be vigilant and do not be deceived.
17/05/2015 - Nowe "państwo" na mapie świata. Stworzyli je Polacy [TVN24 - Poland's First 24-Hour News Channel]
17/05/2015 - Welcome to Enclava, the latest Internet-spurred European micro-nation to be founded on unclaimed land near Croatia [The Daily News - An American Newspaper]
17/05/2015 - ‘Kingdom of Enclava’: The tiny 100sq m country 5000 people want to become a citizen of [ - An Australian News Site]
17/05/2015 - nclava: The world's newest 'country' is also the smallest - measuring the size of a back garden [The Daily Mirror - British Tabloid Newspaper]
17/05/2015 - New micro-nation, Enclava, the size of a small suburban garden [The Toronto Sun - Daily Tabloid Newspaper from Canada]
17/05/2015 - Polish tourists proclaim ‘Kingdom of Enclava’ in unclaimed scrap of land [The Japan Times - English-Language Newspaper from Japan]
17/05/2015 - Vương quốc tự xưng nhỏ bé "chào đời" giữa châu Âu [Dân trí - Vietnamese Newspaper]
17/05/2015 - Những tiểu quốc vô thừa nhận [Thanh Niên - Vietnamese Newspaper]
17/05/2015 - यूरोप का सबसे छोटा देश 'किंगडम ऑफ एंक्लावा', 100 स्क्वायर मीटर क्षेत्रफल [Dainik Bhaskar - Indian Hindi-Language Daily Newspaper]
16/05/2015 - Uusi minivaltio perustettiin Balkanille – kuka tahansa voi anoa kansalaisuutta [Helsingin Sanomat - Newspaper from Finland]
16/05/2015 - Enclava – the world's newest country [The Sydney Morning Herald - Australian Newspaper]
16/05/2015 - Quieren crear micropaís de 100 metros cuadrados [Publimetro Peru - Peruvian News Site]
16/05/2015 - C’è un nuovo microstato nei Balcani [il Post - Italian News Portal]
16/05/2015 - A group of Polish tourists have just invented a new country [ - Irish News Portal"]
16/05/2015 - ‘Kingdom of Enclava’: A 100sqm new nation [The Times of India - An Indian English-Language Daily Newspaper]
16/05/2015 - Cel mai nou stat pe harta Europei. Regatul Enclava, locul unde nu există niciun impozit [Romanian TV]
16/05/2015 - Des Polonais revendiquent la création d'un micro-Etat en ex-Yougoslavie [RTL - French Radio]
15/05/2015 - Welcome to the world's newest country – the Kingdom of Enclava [The Daily Telegraph - UK Newspaper]
15/05/2015 - Polish tourists proclaim 'Kingdom of Enclava' [Agence France-Presse (AFP) - An International News Agency]
15/05/2015 - Polish tourists proclaim new state - 'Kingdom of Enclava' [Yahoo! News]
15/05/2015 - Nytt land skapat i Europa [Aftonbladet - Swedish Tabloid]
15/05/2015 - «Reino de Enclava» quer ser o novo país da Europa [SAPO - Portuguese News Portal]
15/05/2015 - Polacos quieren crear otro “microestado” en la exYugoslavia [Nicaraguan News Portal]
15/05/2015 - Поляци създадоха най-малката държава в света между Хърватия и Словения [Bulgarian News Portal]
15/05/2015 - Poloneses querem criar outro microestado na ex-Iugoslávia [Brazilian News Portal]
15/05/2015 - Ex-Yougoslavie. Des Polonais revendiquent la création d'un micro-Etat [Ouest-France - French Daily Newspaper]
15/05/2015 - 슬로베니아-크로아 접경에 '엔클라바 왕국' 설립 선포 [Hankook Ilbo - South Korean Daily Newspaper]
15/05/2015 - Slovenija po novem meji na kraljevino Enklavo! [Slovenian News Portal]
15/05/2015 - Enclava, l'Etat le plus petit d'Europe ? [Direct Matin - French Newspaper]
15/05/2015 - Enclava, un «royaume» qui s'étend sur 100 m2 [20 Minuten - German-language Free Daily Newspaper in Switzerland]
15/05/2015 - Grupa polskich turystów założyła własne państwo [ - Polish News Portal]
15/05/2015 - Polish tourists proclaim 'Kingdom of Enclava' on no man's land [The Straits Times - Daily Newspaper in Singapore]
15/05/2015 - Polish tourists proclaim `Kingdom of Enclava` [Zee News - Indian News Portal]
15/05/2015 - OSNOVANA NOVA MIKRO DRŽAVA NA HRVATSKOJ GRANICI Nakon Liberlanda niknula i kraljevina Enklava [Jutarnji list (lit. "The Morning Paper") - Croatian Daily Newspaper]
15/05/2015 - Balaca dövlətin yeni valyutası var [Azerbaijani News Portal]
14/05/2015 - Vznikanje "držav" na nikogaršnjih zemljah - na meji s Slovenijo zrasla Enclava [Radiotelevizija Slovenija - Radio-Television of Slovenia]
14/05/2015 - Internet users have chosen our flag

12/05/2015 - Кралство Енклава: По Либерланд, меѓу Хрватска и Словенија се појави уште една "држава" [ - Macedonian News Portal]
12/05/2015 - На хрватско-словенечката граница прогласено „Кралство Енклава“ [ - Macedonian News Portal]
12/05/2015 - Još jedna država na Balkanu - Kraljevina Enklava [Vijesti - Montenegran Daily Newspaper]
12/05/2015 - Na hrvatskoj granici niču mikronacije kao gljive poslije kiše [Hrvatska Radiotelevizija - Croatian TV]
12/05/2015 - Nova "država" na zapadu Hrvatske - Kraljevina Enclava [ - Bosnian and Hercegovinian News Portal]
12/05/2015 - Imamo novu državu u susjedstvu, nakon Liberlanda niknula Kraljevina Enklava! [RTL Televizija - Croatian TV]
12/05/2015 - HIT: Uz Hrvatsku nikla još jedna "država"! [ - Serbian News Portal ]
12/05/2015 - KRALJEVINA ENKLAVA Nakon Liberlanda, između Hrvatske i sad Slovenije, osvanula još jedna "država" [Blic - Serbian Newspaper]
12/05/2015 - Još jedna država na Balkanu - Kraljevina Enklava [N1 (Television Cable News Channel)]
12/05/2015 - Na hrvatskoj granici osvanula je još jedna 'država': Kraljevstvo Enclava []
12/05/2015 - Nova mikrodržava na granicama Hrvatske, nakon Liberlanda neki tipovi osnovali i Kraljevinu Enklavu []
12/05/2015 - Nove države na ničijim zemljama - Još jednu je na granici Hrvatske proglasio i Poljak []
09/05/2015 - The Kingdom of Enclava: 'Smallest country in Europe' adopts dogecoin as national currency [International Business Times UK]
09/05/2015 - Minister of Infrastructure & Development
We have appointed Jared Beymert as Minister of Infrastructure & Development.
08/05/2015 - Minister of Finance
We have appointed Zach Ferrigno as Minister of Finance.
08/05/2015 - We are featured on the first page of - one of the largest social media sites in Poland:
08/05/2015 - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Innovation & Information Technology appointed!
We have appointed Zou Laihui as Minister of Foreign Affairs.
We have appointed Tomasz Białek as Minister of Innovation & Information Technology.
07/05/2015 - Prime Minister and Minister of Science & Charity appointed!
We have appointed Annemarijn Tamminga as Prime Minister.
We have appointed Bartłomiej Ornowski as Minister of Science & Charity.

02/05/2015 - Enclava in Croatian media: Hrvatska granica postala kolijevka novih zemalja: Uz Sloveniju proglašena Kraljevina Enclava (by
01/05/2015 - Meet the Candidates!
30/04/2015 - The Kingdom of Enclava recognizes:
The Free Republic of Liberland -
The Principality of Sealand -
The Kingdom of North Sudan -
We wish Liberland every success in their very interesting endeavour and will be watching closely!

24/04/2015 - New website.

23/04/2015 - Enclava, officially the Kingdom Of Enclava (Polish: Królestwo Enklawy) is a self-proclaimed micronation, situated on an unclaimed parcel

of land strip at the Croatia–Slovenia border. It was proclaimed on 23 April 2015 by Polish tourist K. Wrona.